Mumbai Pune Taxi and Travel Guide


Pune is known for the nightlife and educational centres that they offer, of course other than the fact that it’s one of the biggest city in Maharashtra. Because of the sheer amount of students that go to the city, Pune is now a paradise of restaurants and hotels.

A lot of people prefer to go to Pune due to the lovely climate. If you want to experience the said lovely weather than avoid going there during March up until May. October and November are the best months travel in Pune, these months are considerably less hot. Getting to Pune is easier than you thought, just look for any domestic carriers or operators from their airport. Usually, any flight coming from Pune will most likely pass through Mumbai. On the other hand, you can easily access Mumbai via taxi to Pune to Mumbai Airport Cab.

Travellers love the railway station in Pune since it is one of the most sophisticated in India, it can also provide just about anything a traveller might need. Three major highways connect Pune, Mumbai, Vijayawada and Nasik in order; these highways are NH4, NH9 and NH50. Getting around the city is simple and easy, you can just choose from the following options: motorcycles, suburban railways, cars and auto rickshaws or a Pune to Mumbai Cool Cab.

For those of you who don’t know, Pune was the base of the entire Marathi film industry. If you don’t know where to start your tour then we suggest that you head on to places like Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Parvati Hill Temple, Mahatma Phule Museum, Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Aga Khan Palace, Tribal Museum, Bund Garden, National War Museum and Darshan Museum. For the travellers who love more of a natural scene then you can head on to alluring beaches that surround Pune like Diveaga; the trip will only take 4 hours by car.

Shops like House of Laptops, Croma and Sony World are the best to-go destinations for tourists who love to be updated with regards to various electronic gadgets. Have a lovely stroll outside and you should be able to notice that the streets are teeming with shops and stalls that sell bargain goods and even cute little souvenirs. The said stalls are also know for their Kolhapuri chappals, these are locally manufactured near Pune in Kolhapur.

Like we said, the city of Pune is teeming with famous restaurants; you’ll never run out of choices. Budget eaters and travellers can have various choices of restaurants at Fergusson College Road, meanwhile those that go for the multi-cuisine type of restaurant can enjoy choosing at ABC Farms and Koregaon Park. Pune has no shortage in bars, but make sure to go before midnight because a many of them are only open up until that time. For more information, visit


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